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Introduction to computerised accounting is a key part of the Computerised Accounting  course, Accounting Trainees and Bookkeepers need to thoroughly understand how to use computerised accounting systems.

The assessment for computerised accounting will expect you to have a thorough understanding of an accounting package such as Sage or QuickBooks.

As well as computerised accounting software you should have a good understanding of word processors, databases, spreadsheets and email.

You will be required to explain the differences between computer hardware and software.

List differences between intranet and  internet.

List the uses and describe the purposes of word processing packages, spreadsheets and databases.

Be able to compare and contrast the differences between a manual accounting system and a computerised accounting system.

To test your knowledge of Introduction to accounting packages try the quiz below.

Introduction to Computerised Accounting  – Quiz

Question 1
A computer programme which stores text and numbers on a grid system of columns and rows and enables calculations to be performed on the numbers is called a _________

Question 2
A database record which contains a specific category of information, eg a surname – is called a __________

Question 3
A set of information stored in a database eg a name and address, – is called a __________

Question 4
A linked network of computers within an organization is called an __________

Question 5
Computers linked up external by phone line with other computers on the world wide web is called the __________

Question 6
A printer is an example of software – true or false?