Looking after the computer and the data – lesson 3

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Looking after the computer and the data is a key part of the Computerised Accounting  course, Accounting Trainees and Bookkeepers need to thoroughly understand how to look after the computer and data.

You should have read the pages listed below before reading this page:

Computerised accounting – lesson 1

Introduction to computerised accounting – lesson 2

You will need to demonstrate to the assessor that you understand that a computer and its data need to be cared for and maintained.

A computer is an electrical device and accordingly has cables, switches and a power source and needs to be treated with care.

Passwords and access rights need to be determined, and data should be backed up regularly.

An accounting trainee and bookkeeper should know the start up and log off procedures.

To test your knowledge of looking after the computer and data try the quiz below.

Looking after the computer and data – quiz

Question 1
A computer program introduced into the computer system which the destroys or disrupts the operation of the system is called a ________

Question 2
The law which establishes the regulations for the protection of personal data is called the _____ _______ ____

Question 3
To copy the computer data onto a separate storage medium in order to ensure data is not lost is called taking a_________