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Bookkeeping courses for small business has been created by ‘Free Bookkeeping Courses Online UK’ to help small businesses with their bookkeeping and accounts.

bookkeeping courses for small business
Bookkeeping courses for small business

Bookkeeping courses for small business has been written primarily for UK small businesses, but bookkeeping is a universal subject and anyone in the world running a small business is welcome to do the course. The course is free and you do not need textbooks as the course is self contained, furthermore you  are not required to register or provide your email details.

Many of the lessons on the course use Dollars as well as British Pounds, so don’t let the unit of currency stop you from enjoying the course. Running a small business, as I do, is not easy whether you are in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world.

Small businesses are going to be under increasing scrutiny from the governments to keep proper bookkeeping records and to account for all cash receipts. Governments need tax revenue and a small business is a ‘sitting duck’ and we are in their sights.

In recent years many large companies are looking to force employees off their payroll and onto outsource contracts.  This is particularly common in certain industries such as IT and Construction.

If you find yourself self-employed either by choice or circumstance then you will be treated by the government as a small business and you must keep proper accounting records accordingly.

You may have no alternative but to go to an accountant for self assessment tax purposes. Accountants aren’t cheap and they generally charge by the hour, so the more you know about bookkeeping for small business the lower will be your accountants fees.

The bookkeeping courses for small business consists of the following lessons:

-Bookkeeping Courses for Small Business
-Why bookkeeping is important
-Bookkeeping transactions
-Accounting Equation
-Accounting Equation Explained
-Accounting Equation Practice
-Balance Sheet Introduction
-Balance Sheet Example
-Income Statement Format Small Business
-Double Entry Accounting Examples
-Double Entry Bookkeeping
-Balancing ledgers
-Balancing ledgers in accounting
Trial balance for small business
-Income statement small business
Balance sheet small business

I strongly recommend that you work through the lessons in order.
Each lesson builds on the previous one and you may get confused if you do not study them in order.
Once you have worked through all of the lessons, you can then attempt the final test. The test covers all lessons and aims to test your knowledge and understanding of the material studied.
If there are any areas in the test that you struggle with, then make sure you go back to the lesson or the notes and review it again.
Once you have finished the course, you will have a good foundation in bookkeeping for a small business. This will be a great advantage in the workplace or once you start your business as the ability to follow double entry bookkeeping is invaluable when record keeping.
Good luck with your ‘Bookkeeping Course for Small Business’.

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