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Example: learn bank reconciliation online

The bank statement of a business showed it had £1000 Cr balance as at 30 April 201X.
A cheque from GB Ltd for £500 had been recorded as a debit entry in the cash book but did not appear on the bank statement.
Another cheque from X Ltd for £85 had been recorded as a debit entry in the cash book but did not appear on the bank statement.
The business had also paid its supplier BD Ltd by a cheque totaling £22 this had been recorded in the cash book but did not appear on the bank statement.
Enter the details in the bank reconciliation statement below and calculate the balance as per cash book as 30 April.

Bank reconciliation statement as at 30th April 201X
 Balance as per bank statement:
ADD: Lodgements not yet credited:
 LESS: Unpresented cheques:
 Total to subtract:
  Balance as per cash book:

The balance on the cash book would be a debit balance of £1560.
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