Personal Savings

Get started with a personal savings account is the fifth of my personal finance tips.

Try and save often and start early. Get your children into the habit of saving a little and often. Put a little away each end of month and you will earn a little interest on your savings. Also you will sleep easier knowing that have a little put aside for an emergency. Continue reading Personal Savings

Personal Budget

Always create a personal budget is the third of my personal finance tips.

If you are to become financially successful then you must design and use a personal budget. I know its a boring subject but trust me this simple little tip will help you more than any other tip! You must estimate your future monthly spending and then at the end of the month compare it with what you actually spent, if you don’t do this your spending will get out of control. Continue reading Personal Budget

Personal Fixed Costs

Controlling personal fixed costs is the second of my personal finance tips.

Reducing and controlling your personal fixed costs is key to personal financial success. By fixed costs I mean your regular monthly overheads such as the mortgage payment, the car finance payment, the monthly TV and internet connection fees, and monthly insurance premiums. Continue reading Personal Fixed Costs

Personal Spending

Controlling personal spending is the first of my first personal finance tips.

The rule here is never spend more than you make! Simple tip but not easy to follow. The temptation to spend can be difficult to resist, but if you don’t you may be living a life of stress and conflict. Its just not worth it. Continue reading Personal Spending

Personal Finance Tips

Having problems with your personal finances? Here are five personal finance tips to help you resolve your money problems.

This short course provides five time-tested personal finance tips on reducing your spending, controlling your fixed costs (regular monthly bills), starting a budget, investing, and saving money. Continue reading Personal Finance Tips