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BASIC COSTING INTRODUCTION FREE COURSE is produced by ‘Free Bookkeeping Courses Online UK’ for Accounting trainees and others looking for a Basic Costing course.

We do not require your email address or any other details for you to commence our ‘Costing Introduction Free Course’.

The course is designed around Osborne Books Ltd; and the three books we recommend that you purchase to complete the Costing Introduction course are as follows:

Introduction to Costing Tutorial
ISBN: 978 1909173 101
Author(s): Aubrey Penning
Paperback, 156 pages
This text for the Certificate in Accounting  fully covers the requirements of the Unit ‘Basic Costing’.

Introduction to Costing Workbook
ISBN: 978 1909173 118
Author(s): Aubrey Penning
Paperback, 98 pages
This text accompanies the Tutorial and is ideal for revision, it contains practice chapter-based activities, practice assessments and answers.

Introduction to Costing Wise Guide
ISBN: 978 1909173 125
Author(s): Aubrey Penning
This handy pocket-sized guide is not essential but it provides the perfect study and revision tool for – Introduction to Costing. Key revision topics are presented in an easy-to-read, portable package that will help you prepare for your exams anywhere at any time.

You can buy the books direct from the publisher although you might get them cheaper on the Amazon links below:

The course can be undertaken without buying the books but you will get more out of it if you have access to the books.  If you can’t afford the Amazon prices and you really are ‘skint’, then borrow them from your local library. Essentially you should read a chapter of the book and then attempt the relevant on-line quiz. You will get your results immediately and they will tell you whether you have demonstrated competence and are in a position to move onto the next chapter. To pass you need to score more than 70%.

The idea of the course is to help you prepare you for the following examinations:

CAT – Introductory Certificate

costing introduction free course

Anyone requiring a good basic knowledge of the principles of costing and terminology used will also find it very useful.

The course consists of the following units and should be undertaken in the order below:

-Costing Introduction Free Course
-Costing Systems
-Cost Centres and Cost Behaviour
-Inventory Valuation
-Labour Costs
-Budgets and Variances


If you feel that you would like to have tutor support and more detailed interactive assignments with marking by a professional tutor in an advert free environment then please have a look at our premium online courses.

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