return on equity quizlet

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Try this return on equity quizlet, ROE is an important part of the finance for non finance professionals.

return on equity quizlet

Question 1
If you want to know how well an organisation is doing then ______ __ _____ (ROE) is the main measure.

Question 2
Return on equity can be broken down into three components using the DuPont Framework:
1. ____________
2. ____________
3. ____________

Now consider the following two companies UNC Ltd and BEN Ltd:

Income £700 £8,000
Shareholders Equity £7500 £39,500


Question 3
What is the ROE for UNC Ltd?

Question 4
What is the ROE for BEN Ltd?

return on equity quizlet
Return on Equity Quizlet

Question 5
Shareholders run the risk of losing ___ their investment so typically you would want a return on equity of 10.00% and above.

Now lets look at some real companies:

2014 Apple Microsoft Wal-mart GAP
ROE 35.4% 24.6% 19.0% 42.3%

Question 6
Which company has the highest ROE and why do think it has the highest ROE

Question 7
______ __ ______ is a good general measure of an organisations performance at a given period in time and it is the basis of the DuPont framework.

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  8. Statement of Cash Flows
  9. Financial Ratio Analysis
  10. Return on equity
  11. DuPont framework
  12. Dupont analysis case study
  13. Comparison financial statements
  14. operating cycle
  15. cash management
  16. receivables and inventory
  17. how to price a product
  18. calculate break even point
  19. preparing a budget
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