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About the founder of this website.

Michael Hughes is the founder and creator of this site on Free Book-keeping IMG_0177Courses Online UK. He is  known for his ability to explain book-keeping and accounting in a clear, concise and thorough manner. He has a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance and a Teaching Certificate from the University of Manchester.


His background includes:
-15 years as founder and managing partner of a UK accountancy distance learning company.
-11 years as a college lecturer in accountancy.
-5 years in HMRC
-4 years in public accountancy practice

His interest and passion includes trading, investing, communicating accounting and creating free book-keeping courses and imparting his knowledge through the Internet.

Michael lives in Lincolnshire in the UK and he can be contacted by email on frankwood1@o2.co.uk

Why create Free Book-Keeping Courses Online UK?

Many distance learning companies are charging very expensive fees to study their home study courses, and students are offered little more than a workbook and a help line. When Michael studied book-keeping, night school was relatively cheap and a university education was free!

Michael believes that students get a raw deal nowadays and these  free book-keeping courses online may help a little – we  hope so? Many of the courses are written to accompany a course textbook, but if you can’t afford to buy the book then you can always order them for free from your local library.

So you can train to become a book-keeper or an Accounting trainee for free!!

For a list of all the free bookkeeping courses that we offer please click the link below:
List of free book-keeping courses

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