How to Get the Accounting Job You Deserve?

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So how do I get the Accounting job I deserve?

You’ll get the job you deserve by breaking nearly all of the traditional job search rules. The best approach is to use a non-traditional job search. It is very powerful and mojo-building, but in order to follow this path you must be ready to try something new.

You’ll have to step out of the traditional job search mind-set to follow the steps illustrated here. Are you ready to do that?

Don’t bother with online recruiting sites. Skip the automated  recruiting sites and reach your hiring managers directly, right at their desks.
Basically, you’ll job-hunt the way directors and executives do.

Here are some rules you’ll break!

Don’t write traditional cover letters anymore, write ‘pain letters’ instead. A pain letter talks about the business pain behind a job ad – the only reason a manager ever fills a job opening.
Use “I” in your C.V. and use complete sentences in your CV, too! Remember to use a human voice in your CV instead of a robotic zombie voice.

But you will need an job search strategy.
First, you’ll set your career direction i.e. financial accounting, management accounting, tax or audit. The profession or commerce?

Secondly what sector you want to work in, biotechnology, oil and gas, entertainment and leisure, Information Technology etc.

Thirdly select your location, country and region.

Next, you’ll brand yourself for the  jobs you want.

After that you’ll create your target  employer list and start to follow organisations and people you’re interested in. Learn everything there is to know about the companies on your list.
Follow your plan, keep learning and keep moving forward to get the job you want and deserve!

You might think “Get away from me with all this non-traditional job search stuff.” But you might be thinking “I’ll try it!”

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