Accounting job interview questions, with answers!

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Accounting Job interview questions can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, but there is no worse feeling than entering that dreaded room full of experts unprepared! Below are some frequently asked job interview questions and some advice on how to answer them.

job interview question 1

Why accounting? This is a pretty standard first question, but how you answer it may determine the course of the interview, and remember, first impressions count! The question is asked to ensure you’re properly dedicated to studying and want to work your way up the career ladder.
Answer this by listing examples or something that happened which inspired you to study for this career path, and explain why the industry itself particularly interests you. Such as a meeting with a careers officer or you may know someone working in acccountancy.

job interview question 2

Why will you be good in this position? The crux of this question is whether or not key characteristics you hold will fit in with this chosen industry. For example, being highly organised and efficient are key traits of a successful Accountant.
Answer this by highlighting ways you would stay organised within the workplace if you don’t already have previous experience working within a firm. Emphasise the personal traits you have that make the finance industry a perfect fit for you.

job interview question 3

What do you know about budget preparation? Although as a trainee you probably won’t be given much responsibility for preparing or maintaining a budget, you may still be asked if you know anything about the process.
Answer this by using your academic assignments or experience to explain the steps usually taken to prepare a budget. Use your knowledge to impress by reading up on this relatively difficult subject ahead of the interview; giving a sound answer here is bound to make you stand out.

job interview question 4

How would you minimise the risk of day-to-day errors in your position?  Accounting qualification  is about attention to detail and minimising any chance of error, especially as you will have to be responsible for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers from income statements and expense receipts daily.
Answer this by emphasising the importance of rechecking your work, and provide examples of steps or techniques you can take to double and triple check your work for errors.

job interview question 5

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing accountancy today? This question tests your knowledge about the history of the industry, as well as whether you are staying on top of industry-focused current-events.
Answer this by doing as much reading of industry news as possible, and forming your own opinion on where problems lie. When you identify challenges, the interviewer may ask what you would plan to do to tackle such challenges, so ensure you are widely read-up on this so you can suggest potential solutions to be implemented.

Good luck!

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