Make Your CV Sound Human.

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To get the job that you deserve and to make your cv sound human you have to drop the horrible Corporate Management Speak.

Who talks like that? “Results-oriented accountant with a bottom-line orientation.” What does it mean? We all sound like robots when we describe ourselves that way.
You are a lot smarter than that!
Everything about you is unique:
• No one has the exact mix of talents you have
• No one else has your story – or ever will
• You are one of a kind!
• No one else has your personality

Why not show more of your human side in your cv?

It isn’t hard to make your cv sound human. Start by telling your story to someone, or writing it down. You’ll incorporate your life and career story into your human-voiced cv.
Go through your cv with a red pen and get rid of all the corporate management speak language e.g.results-driven professional, highly motivated self-starter, works well with all levels of staff, meets or exceeds expectations, skilled at managing cross-functional teams, seasoned business professional .These are a few examples. There are lots more!

Now take a look at your cv before and after. Does your BEFORE cv make you sound like any battle drone and the language puts a reader to sleep? Does your sparkling personality comes through?

Does your AFTER cv sound much more human? Notice how you are a real person now! You have come alive on the page. You can write your own human-voiced cv, that lets a person reading your cv – your hiring manager, that is – know you’re human (and a smart, funny and capable human, at that)!

Good luck with your job search

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