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It is important to learn trading and investing as it can give you the opportunity to make money, create wealth and perhaps even financial freedom.

This educational course will be about trading and investing in the stockmarket, but please read this website’s disclaimer before proceeding.

There are many reasons why the stock market is a great way to make money.

Learn trading and investing
Learn trading and investing

The first is that there are no business overheads. You don’t have to employ people, train them or insure them. No customers returning goods or complaining. All you need is a an internet connection and you can start trading.

Markets are open all year round and you can trade at any time that suits you morning, afternoon or evening. There are daily strategies, weekly and monthly strategies. The trick is to pick the strategy that suits your lifestyle and personality. It is then a question of practice, practice and practice on a simulator until you are consistently showing a profit.

Anyone over the age 18 can trade or invest and you don’t need years of college education and qualifications coming out of your ears. You don’t need a huge amount of capital – £1000 or $2000 is enough to get you started. Furthermore you can practice your skills on a simulator before you invest or trade a penny of your real capital. Once you are consistently making a ‘virtual profit’ , then and only then should you use your real money.

Also, there are no up-front fees (for example, for transferring money), no legal fees, marketing fees, mortgage brokers, and if you are investing in US, then no stamp duty.

Trading and investing is recession proof – you can make money faster when stocks go down. A share price takes the stairs when going up but takes the elevator when going down – more millionaires are made in a recession than at any other time? So if a stock, or a sector, industry or the entire market starts to go down, this is when you can make the most money fast.

And get this – when the market goes sideways, when normally you think you can’t make any money, this is when you can make a lot of money in the stock market.

The main reason you should consider learn trading and investing is that you are in control at all times. This may surprises you – but let’s imagine you have a stock and you decide you want to get out.
You click a button and a few seconds later you are out. Can you do that with a property?

It’s passive income: you can earn it whilst you’re sleeping.
There are two reasons for this: the first is after-hours trading – the institutions trade when the market is closed to us mere mortals – the second is that you can sell options, which allows you to take advantage of time ticking – literally amazing!

With a business it can be several months or years before you know if the business is going to be viable in the long term. With trading you can tell immediately if a trade is going against you! You can correct any mistakes immediatley which is not so easy in business or property investing. Besides the better you get at trading and investing the more money you make!

In the next lesson we shall look at some of the basic mistakes made in ‘learn trading and investing’.

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