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This free NUMERACY SKILLS FOR BUSINESS course will help you to decide if you are cut out for a career as an Accounting Trainee or Bookkeeper.

If you pass this short course you can rest assured that you have the numeracy skills to cope in the the workplace and the exam room.

Remember we are not training mathematicians. However, a competent accounting trainee will be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide as well as use decimals, fractions and percentages. Accounting Trainees and  bookkeepers should be able to use mental calculations as well as a computers and calculators to perform these numerical skills.

The ability to use your brain ‘does this figure look right?’ is just as important- as the ability to use a calculator or excel spreadsheet program.


course covers the basics NUMERACY SKILLS FOR BUSINESSthrough to ratios, percentages, and negative numbers. You will be expected to use a calculator with a memory button for the exercises and self- check modules but you are also encouraged to use mental arithmetic as well.

The course is designed to help you and possibly save you time and money to see if you got the skills required to start studying for a bookkeeping or an Accounting  qualification. Employers or potential employers will expect you to have good numeracy skills.

We hope that after successfully completing the course and the self check modules that the course will give you the confidence to take your studies further. It will also give you the confidence to take on tasks from your employer (or potential employer) without much supervision, and you will quickly learn new accounting tasks specific to your company.

If you continue to score low in the tests it means that you will need a great deal of new employee orientation and training and will not be able to function on your own without guidance. Maybe you should ask yourself is bookkeeping the career for you?

The numeracy course consists of the following units:


Good luck and enjoy the course!


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