Memory buttons on calculator

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Using memory buttons on calculator is a key part of NUMERACY SKILLS FOR BUSINESS,it is important that Accounting Trainees and Bookkeepers use the button.

Every bookkeeper or Accounting Trainee should have their own portable calculator with a memory button and a printer roll attached. The one that I use is a Casio HR200TEC Medium Duty Printing Calculator and I recommend that you get one. Although more expensive than an ordinary calculator it will save you many hours when it comes to checking columns of figures.

How to use memory buttons on calculator.

The memory button on a calculator is an extremely useful tool for a bookkeeper or an accountant trainee.
If you have to perform more than one calculation then it is important that you use the memory button correctly. The Memory button is often labelled M+ on most calculators.
The M+ will save the results of a calculation and then recall that result whenever required. Don’t forget to clear the memory before starting any new operation – just press the RM/CM button twice.  This button is often labelled RM/CM, RMC or RCM – the first time the button  is pressed memory is recalled (RM = Recall Memory)and the second time (CM= Clear Memory) it is cleared. If in doubt about your calculator,  consult its manual.

Use the memory on your calculator to calculate each of the following:
Question 1
18 + (10 – 2)

Question 2
17.4 / (0.6 + 5.2)

Question 3
71 + (12 x 3)

Question 4
0.18 + (0.021 x 12.6)

Question 5
3.15 + (1.061 x 2.16)

Once you have got all five questions correct and that you know how to use memory buttons on calculator then please move onto next lesson.

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