Supplier documentation – lesson 6

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Processing supplier documentation is a key part of the processing bookkeeping transaction course and Accounting Trainees must know the procedures involved.

You are part way through the FREE Processing Bookkeeping Transaction course and you should have read the pages listed below before reading this page:


Welcome to processing supplier documentation.

Accounting Trainees and Bookkeepers must be very familiar with the following documents related to supplier documentation:

Purchase invoice
Delivery note
Goods Received Note (GRN)
Credit Note

process documents from suppliers
They must know how to check the supplier’s documents against the buyer’s documents. They must know how to cast and extend the calculations on the invoice, and check the VAT and discounts have been properly calculated and applied.
They must know how the supplier documentation are coded and where they are filed, and who is responsible for checking and authorising the documents and dealing with discrepancies. Process documents from suppliers are increasingly being used in e-commerce, and many of the documents are produced online maybe in PDF format. Whether the system is manual or digital the bookkeeping theory remains the same.
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Now let’s see what you know – please attempt the quiz below.

QUIZ: Processing supplier documentation

Before attempting this quiz you should have read chapter 5 entitled "Process Documents from Suppliers" of your recommended textbook “Bookkeeping 1".

Please attempt all questions and then press the submit button at the end, you will then be taken to your results page.

Good luck!


What type of financial document would normally be raised when goods are bought on credit to record the receipt and any problems relating to the goods at the buyers premises?

What type of financial document would normally be used when goods are bought on credit to order the goods from the seller

What type of financial document would normally be used when goods are bought on credit to advise the buyer that a reduction is being made to the account because of goods returned?

A delivery note is normally used to accompany goods to the buyer.

In the box below, put the following documents into the correct order when ordering goods and services.Do not use commas in the text box.

remittance advice
price quotation form
purchase order
credit note
delivery note

The heading of the financial document below has been removed, what type of document is it?


The financial document below has had its heading removed, what type of document is it?

statement with heading removed

When goods are received by the buyer they should be checked against the .......................... .

The delivery note should then be checked in the accounts department against a copy of the original .........................

When the invoice arrives from the supplier it should be checked against the delivery note and the purchase order.

Leaderboard for Process Documents from Suppliers

1. -27 Points
2. -27 Points
3. -27 Points
4. -27 Points
5. -27 Points

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