dupont analysis questions and answers

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Try these dupont analysis questions and answers as they are a key part of the on line finance course for non finance professionals.

Dupont analysis questions and answers

Question 1
The DuPont framework has three parts:

1. ______________
2. ______________
3. ______________

Question 2
Leverage gives an indication of how much money the company has _________ to purchase fixed assets such as land, buildings and plant and machinery.

Question 3
The leverage tells us what percentage of the assets where acquired with borrowed money. The assets purchased are then used to generate ________, but we want to know how efficient the assets are being used to generate sales.

dupont analysis questions and answers
Dupont analysis questions and answers

Question 4
The __________ component of the DuPont framework looks at the relationship between the amount of sales to the value of assets.
The more sales generated per dollar of asset the _______.

Question 5
Profitability is the relationship between income and _____.

This on-line course entitled finance for dummies consists of the following lessons:

  1. Finance for dummies
  2. Finance definition
  3. Finance entrepreneurship
  4. What is Accounting
  5. Financial statements
  6. Balance Sheets
  7. Income statements
  8. Statement of Cash Flows
  9. Financial Ratio Analysis
  10. Return on equity
  11. DuPont framework
  12. Dupont analysis case study
  13. Comparison financial statements
  14. operating cycle
  15. cash management
  16. receivables and inventory
  17. how to price a product
  18. calculate break even point
  19. preparing a budget
  20. budgeting steps
  21. understanding income tax
  22. tax brackets
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