mock finance exam

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This mock finance exam with answers is an important part of this finance for dummies course

Please attempt all questions in this mock finance exam – answers at the bottom of each question.

Question 1
The ________ Statement is the second of the three primary financial statements; the balance sheet and cash flow statement are the other two.

Question 2
Apple Inc. for example earns its revenue by selling smart phones and ipads. Microsoft earns its revenues by selling __________.

Question 3
________ are the overheads in running the company for example wages to employess, buying inventory, energy bills and advertising.

Mock finance exam
Mock finance exam

Question 4
If Revenues are greater than expenses the company has made an income in the form of ________. If expenses exceed revenues then the company will make a _______.

Question 5

Below, I have extracted some information from four technology companies their published financial reports and summarised it below – what information can we extract from this data? Please answer the questions below:

Income Statements (2014)
In Billions Revenues Expenses Net Income
Facebook 12.5 9.6 2.9
Google 66.0 41.6 14.4
Microsoft 86.8 64.7 22.1
Apple 182.8 143.3 39.5

Question 6
In terms of revenue which is the smallest company?

Question 7
In terms of revenue which is the largest company?

Question 8
The main point of the income statement is that a company can increase its net assets through making income/profit. Each of these tech giants have been profitable and have increased year after year their ___ ______.

Question 9

This on-line course entitled finance for dummies consists of the following lessons:

  1. Finance for dummies
  2. Finance definition
  3. Finance entrepreneurship
  4. What is Accounting
  5. Financial statements
  6. Balance Sheets
  7. Income statements
  8. Statement of Cash Flows
  9. Financial Ratio Analysis
  10. Return on equity
  11. DuPont framework
  12. Dupont analysis case study
  13. Comparison financial statements
  14. operating cycle
  15. cash management
  16. receivables and inventory
  17. how to price a product
  18. calculate break even point
  19. preparing a budget
  20. budgeting steps
  21. understanding income tax
  22. tax brackets
  23. Next move practice finance exam questions
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