Communication at work – lesson 5

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Communication at work at work is an important part of the working effectively in accounting and finance course. All Accounting Trainees should have good communication skills.

You should have the lessons listed below before reading this page.

Work effectively in accounting and finance – lesson 1

Accounting Trainees need to be able communicate both verbally and in writing with people both inside and outside of their organization.

Accounting is full of jargon and it is easy to confuse non-finance staff.

To test your communication at work skills try the test below.

Communication at work -quiz

Question 1
Outline the qualities needed when writing a message to a work colleague.

Question 2
A formal paper based internal message is called a __________

Question 3
What is wrong with this sentence – John had nowt to do!

Question 4
Are the following words spelt correctly


Question 5

Question 6

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